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Dreamers is a research, data science, and tech consultancy that specializes in building solutions for complex problems. We are based in sunny California, but work remotely with clients from all over the world. We’re engineer-owned and operated, meaning you’ll get personal attention and quick answers without having to bushwhack through obfuscating layers of management. Chances are, you are coming to us in one of two positions:

  1. You've got a great idea, and you need to team up with the right people to make it happen
  2. Your organization has a project that requires our technical expertise
Execute Your Vision

Our Process Involves Simple Steps:

Listen: When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Instead, we investigate the problem from first principles, allowing us to quickly familiarize ourselves with the innerworkings of various fields, and develop a comprehensive understanding of any problem.

Think: This is our favorite part. We’re a team of autodidacts, geeks, knowledge-lovers and problem-solvers who approach challenges with curiosity, seeing them as puzzles and meeting them with inspired ideas.

Build: We have decades of experience executing on great ideas. The more challenging the problem, the happier we are. Try your worst.

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We have proficiency in almost all technologies that involve a computer, but our bread and butter are:

Artificial Intelligence
Security and Cryptography
Rich Application Development

Still wondering what we do? Click around below, check out our past projects, and meet our clients.

We have nothing but happy clients who would love to tell you about what we've built for them. Feel free to ask for references.

Trusted by: University of California Los Angeles • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory • University of California Santa Barbara • University of Michigan • SpendLogic • Arizona Court of Appeal (Div 2) • HyperCite • AtreNet • British Aerospace Engineering • Ball Aerospace • Adamant Aerospace • Boeing Aerospace

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